The Purple Pedestrian Killer

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Site Objective:

This site details (warts and all) the build of a Robin Hood Engineering(RHE) 2B DOHC Lux kit car with all possible extras.

As far as I am concerned the Internet is the forum for free speech. However all statements on this site merely express my personal opinion. All trademarks and copyright material are acknowledged and you copy my ideas and methods at your own risk.

Hopefully it will be educational for anybody who may be contemplating building a Lotus 7 style kit utilising Ford Sierra mechanicals.

Resources :

Revised number of hours to complete to between 600 and 725 hrs (and counting!).

Projected build cost raised to £6000 which in my opinion makes this an expensive kit. In my opinion RHE have not moved on in the quality of the product they offer. As a "Locost" build the RHE option is probably OK, but as a comprehensive kit other vendors products appear to be much better designed and executed, giving you a lot more car for your money and a lot more build satisfaction.

Latest News - January 2005:

Unfortunately my wife was diagnosed with terminal cancer in April 2004, which is why I have not had time to update the site until now. I have had to swap the spanners, drill, screw driver and welder for the sink, washing machine, tumble dryer and Iron.

As expected it's these "left Field" problems that cannot be planned for that affect you and the kit car build the most.

I have had to dramatically re-organise and re-prioritise my life since April. I do feel now as though I have made some progress in several areas. I still feel in control, which I think is the most important thing of all. I am currently managing to work 9-5 and look after the family as well.

As of Xmas 2004 I have decided to persevere with the build and have managed to spend a few hours over the holiday on the wiring. My next objective is to get the engine running. Click on the "Build" and then the "January05" buttons.