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Mobile Solutions

We design complete solutions for Android, Apple and Windows phone and tablet mobile devices using native code - Java, Objective-C and C#/VB.Net. Our solutions operate when disconnected from the internet by utilising local SQLite databases. When connected to the internet data can be synchronised to SQL servers hosted in the "Cloud". These solutions are deployed in either a B2B or B2C environment.

Desktop Solutions

We design Windows desktop and Apple Mac OSX solutions written in native code - C#/VB.Net and Objective-C. Typically these solutions connect directly to SQL Server databases hosted in the "Cloud". These solutions are typically deployed to a work force that have a requirement to modify a central pool of information.

Web Solutions

We design HTML5 web solutions using CSS3 and SQLite3 databases for persistent storage. An HTML5 web site is an extremely powerful data capture environment for B2C scenarios.

Database Design

We design and host scalable SQL database servers that will enable you to consolidate information from geographically dispersed devices. We have over 30 years database experience to provide you with the data driven reporting output you require. Stored procedures are used for security and scalability.


Our core competence is designing cutting edge interfaces to ensure your data is communicated effectively to enable the correct people to make effective decisions based on timely information.